Where I’m at –

The Orca, the Bull, and the Crow

The Orca is languidly floating
The Bull is at rest

What thunder
what turmoil
what stirring
what splash
will be next?

The crow watches
from her branch
fully alert


Accidents – In recent weeks there were four incidents involving my dog. All of them happened because I was distracted. Three resulted in an injury. Of those, two necessitated a minor surgery, complete with rounds of antibiotics. Thankfully, all three injuries required only short periods of recovery.

Unfortunate things happen when we get distracted. Pulled muscles, unexpected dog attacks, leash entanglements. (Also, strained backs from not paying attention while lifting a heavy item. Fender benders and worse.) – It all happens in a split second.

Sometimes we get lucky, suffering just near accidents. Still, we should consider those to be warning signals, too – that something is wrong and we are in need of some behavior modification.

True mindfulness is not only focusing fully on ‘that one thing’, but at the same time being aware of the environment we’re in. When on the move we can’t slip up – be it in dog walks or business.

How do YOU simultaneously maintain focus AND awareness?

Who Is It For?

Who is it for? … Somewhat unrelated, but: I did a whole written piece on that subject in a very verbose manner. For this space, I’ll stick w/ an image (Artist: Susanne Schober) and the short of the long:

A dilapidated facade lining a much-frequented passageway … something had to happen and it did: The Urban Art Festival was announced and the brainstorming started.

Four projects came from that phase and were finalized last year. As the festival got COVID-postponed it is finally happening now.

This is the first festival piece, two more will follow.

(Last year’s pieces can be found here – text in German).

The Ball


Don’t chase after the ball
Let it come to you

Be alert
Be ready

or not

Catch it


A Friend

I was visited
by a dear and long-time friend

For fifteen years we haven’t met
And still, it felt like
just the other day

We vowed it won’t take long to meet again


the reason we connected
was his mother’s recent passing

With all our parents gone
it falls on us

to reinforce the bonds

learn how we’ve grown
what we accomplished
where we failed

going forward
make some plans
carry them through

be there

fill the time with fun and laughter
share the load
support each other

until we pass
like the ones
before us

Opportunity Cost in English & German

Opportunity Cost

In English: The cost of an opportunity not taken.

In German: The cost of an opportunity taken.


Everything costs.

Not weird.

Tripping Over Beauty

Did you ever trip over beauty hiding in the dark?
Did you bring it to the fore by illuminating it?
Did you try to capture it?
Or did you just let it sit there, in the dark, present, for that moment in time?

… … …

An Abbreviated Decision Tree?

  1. Is it necessary? Y: Q3. N: Q2
  2. Is it meaningful? Y: Q3. N: Don’t do it.
  3. Should someone else do it? Y: Don’t do it. N: Do it.