Today I got a perfect haircut. I mean, perfect. Done by an apprentice.
It was the second time she cut, actually trimmed, my hair.

The first time was under supervision and with guidance by the salon owner training her. She was nervous then, because she wanted to get it right.

Today she did it without supervision, but with utter dedication to perfection, a calm hand, and a discerning eye – the result: perfect.

It did take twice as long as it usually would take. And usually I’d get impatient. Yet, today I set that all aside, and enjoyed the extra ten minutes it took for a result that was utterly satisfying for myself, the salon owner, and for the budding stylist herself.

Watching a perfect result in the making is worth the extra time.

I thanked and lauded her profusely; and threw in a well-deserved tip. I was good-finding and I responded to it. That’s the way it should be.

The photo, on the other hand, is anything but perfect. It shows that I seek perfection elsewhere.