Today at the dog park I met a mother and her 6 or 7 year-old daughter with their 7 month-old hunting dog, a real runner.

For her dog to drink, the little girl emptied all the filthy water buckets that are provided, to fill them with fresh water. Except she didn’t refer to it as ‘fresh water’. She called it ‘beautiful water’.

What a creative use of the concept of ‘beautiful’.

It made me think: Which water would I consider to be beautiful? And why?

Here are the types of water that came to my mind:

  • a murmuring brook in a forest – its lively energy
  • the clean cool water of an alpine lake in summer – the refreshing sensation when you dive in after the sun got you really heated up.
  • the Mediterranean around the Balearic Islands – it is home to Posidonia which makes the waters appear in different shades of blue, green, and turquoise
  • drip irrigation – because those droplets feed the crop
  • the water that comes out of my faucet – because it is clean, untreated, and it is there

Not necessarily in itself ‘beautiful water’, but always ‘beautifying water’:

  • a scenic lake, surrounded by mountains
  • water surrounding an island (which wouldn’t be an island if not surrounded by water) or lapping on a beach (again, a beach wouldn’t be a beach w/o water)
  • snow – a white blanket that mercifully hides the ugly and enhances the beautiful

What types of beautiful and beautifying water comes to your mind? And why?