I’m a good skier. Difficult runs and/or difficult snow conditions, crappy gear: not a problem. However, I suck at wind-, kite- & surfing (in that ascending order), no matter how easy the conditions.

Why? Because snow is frozen water – the ground might be bumpy, harsh, challenging, but it’s solid underneath its surface fluidity. Surfing is different. Water always moves and I can accomplish only so much, even with the most supportive gear.

In a similar vein, I manage OK with difficult business situations as long as the ground is stable. When it’s not and I’d have to surf, I suck. Which is one of the many reasons I landed in a business in which the ground shifts more like snow and less like water.

In water each second there is a different wave, movement, and you have to keep the momentum to stay afloat.

On snow, the run is going to be different from day to day, but not from second to second. The change is slower and hence easier to adapt to. One can afford to stand still and rest for a while.

I know that at times I am asked to be a surfer. But, hell or high water, I’m a skier. Which is why I am grateful when water is frozen -> snowy runs. And for those other times of ultimate fluidity I’ll continue to reach out for the most supportive gear.