I’ve been doing some soul searching —- Meaning, I was not searching my soul, but searching for soul. Which was prompted by a comment from a member of my book club who asked, after my presentation, if there would be a follow-up. So, for some future presentation, I found a book – The Heart Aroused – that explores the soul in the corporate world; and here is a quote from that book:

No language matches good poetry in its precision about the human drama.

David Whyte

Yet, I love what I perceive to be poetry’s ambiguity. So, I let my soul speak poetry to my business, a pharmacy, but I guess it could be any business. –
It’s called:

The Good Shepherd

I long for the green pastures
and so do my sheep
I have to gather them
and bring them
along, with my staff
and also,
the wolf

While this isn’t grand poetry, it might serve as a departure point for the prose of a purpose / mission / vision statement.

Where did this come from?

The mind is at rest
The soul takes a breath